Kings of Prussia has one of the best YouTube channels ( of any independent DIY band I’ve ever seen.  Lots of live videos with multi-camera angles showcasing their intense live shows as well as their use of stunning visuals during those shows.  This video is a sample of that with songs from their debut album.  Make sure to dig a little into the older live performances.

Here’s a Kings of Prussia record preview that goes through most of the album tracks as well as clips of live performances, recording, and their visual art that accompanies their live show.

Just want to hear a full track?

In just trying to get a handle on this looks like I just posted the Kings of Prussia record.  Soooo, give it a spin.

(Source: Spotify)

New Death Grips Album for Free

If you hadn’t heard, Death Grips, annoyed that Epic/Columbia was trying to push back the release of their latest album, just released it for free at

Random Start (why): Kings of Prussia - “245 Trioxin”

I’ve made it no secret that I’m proud to call the guys in Kings of Prussia my best friends, but because they are so talented it makes it even easier to promote them. So of course I’m stoked that the first song of my day is the opening track off their debut record. These guys have a heavy metal backbone, but seamlessly weave through so many genres in their brand of instrumental experimentation that most listeners can find something inspiring about KOP.

(Source: Spotify)

Random Start: Canvas - “Hail the Sky”

Kind of a strange band out of Leeds, England. Like an experimental metal/hardcore band with quirky atmosphere. This 10 minute track definitely lets you know what this band is about and if you’d like to hear more off their one Metal Blade release Lost in Rock.

Random Start is ripped off from Hermitology.